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Stucco is a durable, fungus and rot resistant product. Also referred to cement plaster, stucco is commonly used for exterior and interior surfaces. If you are fortunate to have exterior stucco or a stucco wall interior, you’ll want to take the necessary steps to preserve it. The mixture is made of exacting measurements of sand water and cement. Mad Masonry has the expertise to create this perfect mix. Stucco is not a DIY project. You’ll most likely end up with less than satisfactory results. Even attempting to patch a stucco wall can leave you with some disastrous results. Making the perfect stucco wall mix requires experience that can only be found through Mad Masonry stucco service.

Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS) provide exterior insulation, weatherproofing and a finished surface in a single integrated product. EIFS is a lightweight synthetic wall cladding that includes extruded polystyrene foam insulation and thin synthetic coatings, as a system of materials. There are various types of EIFS and several application techniques for the outside face of exterior building walls, with a series of steps by our professional’s using hand tools.

Mad Masonry will do all the prep work leading up to the installation of your new Exterior Wall System, including pressure washing and tearing off existing exterior systems.

The Mad Masonry specialists will do a quality job the first time around. This adds an element of interest to your finished stucco siding. The surface designs are created using special techniques and tools. The professional’s at Mad Masonry are true artists with years of experience through which they have developed their talent. Our people are the very best, and the pride we take in our work is evident from the finished product.


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